Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fallen off the Face of the Earth...

Ok, maybe not quite but I've been busy! Los & I are in the midst - literally - of our move to OH. I am at the hotel enjoying a little peace & quiet while I wait for los to arrive. Because we decided (and by we, I mean he) to move ourselves, Los is driving the moving van and I got to drive the car. So Anna & I arrived at our stopping point a few hours ago after a very easy, albeit long, drive. Luckily because we did a very long drive today, tomorrow will be much easier and shorter!

As much as we are going to miss all the great friends we met in TX, we are not sad to be leaving the 100+ degree heat or the spiders or crickets! We're looking forward to being in OH and a change of scenary... hopefully we'll be settled in quickly and I'll be back to posting photos (not to mention taking them!) on a regular basis. OH here we come!! :)

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Heather said...

Those brilliant men! Be careful!