Friday, June 20, 2008


Travelling does a number on blogging. Being away from my computer and my ability to upload photos definitely limits what I can post these days. Hopefully once I meet back up with Los this weekend, I'll be able to post some of the photos I've taken this week while staying with Mum.

Unfortunately though, due to my desire to sleep, I missed out on an opportunity to get some amazing photos last night. Around 11pm fire sirens starting going off and suggested that something was happening nearby. As it turns out, a church at the end of my Mum's street had gone up in flames and firefighters worked through the night to control and eventually put out the fire. The fire completely destroyed the school attached to the church but left most of the sanctuary untouched (with the exception of some water and smoke damage). We came across a blog of a local photographer, Staci Landis, how captured some great images from the ordeal. Check them out if you get a chance!

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Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

Well, your mom lives in my hood!

I know the pastor of that church (I work with his ex wife) and I did a presentation there last year in those very classrooms. Very crazy and a shame.

Wow she has gorgeous photos up...