Sunday, April 20, 2008

Road Trip

Two weeks ago we decided to take a road trip and headed up to the "mountains." I have that in quotations because to people who live on the east coast or out near the Rockies these are more like hills. Either way, it made for a nice day up in OK and I got a few good photos out of it.

On the drive up the mountain -
Wichita Mtns 1

Carlos had to help with this photo. We were driving out of the Nature Reserve and saw a herd of Longhorns out in the field. There already were a handful of people stopped to take photos, so we pulled over so I could do the same! Well as I was trying to get photos of the herd crossing the street in front of the vehicle, Los mentioned that the largest Longhorn who was off on his own was then crossing the street behind me. So as I photographed that Longhorn, Los played lookout to make sure these animals didn't turn our way as I was probably closer than I should have been in the first place!
wichita mts 2

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