Monday, March 24, 2008

Wichita Falls

I recently found out about a contest that Keri Doolittle Photography is doing on her blog... she's asked for people to take photos that represent where they live. So with that goal in mind, Los & I went downtown in search of things for me to photography. I ran into a problem though... our downtown really doesn't have much except run down or abandoned buildings and the commercial area of town really just looks like every other shopping district in this country.

I obviously could have photographed the Falls, however I ran into 2 problems with that. 1.) It just seemed to obvious. As Keri said in her post, she wants people to think outside the box. And 2.) the Falls were turned OFF this weekend! That's right, our town turns off the man-made falls after we've had any rain... seems counter-intuitive to me.

Well after 2 strikes, we headed on to base to fill up the car and while we were there, it dawned on me that the base defines Wichita Falls. Without Sheppard there would be very little here, so with that realization I set out to find something on base to photograph. Since one of the main programs here is a pilot training program, I decided that a photo of the t-37 "Tweet" would be fitting. Plus with a little photoshop action, a static display airplane looks pretty cool!

So after all that, here is the image I submitted...
Wichita Falls TX


Heather said...

I love this! I hope you get first prize!

Ma said...

very clever, keep flying.